Thursday, February 1, 2018

Launching Linspire Systems Inc.

Today we are very pleased to announce the birth of Linspire Systems Inc.  Linspire Systems Inc. is a subsidiary of PC/OpenSystems.  Linspire Systems Inc. will have its own management team.

First off, what is Linspire Systems Inc.?  Linspire Systems will be in charge of hardware sales and partnerships and they will decide the path of our hardware unit going forward.

Second, their developers will help the Linspire team and the PC/OpenSystems OSS team to make sure we have the appropriate drivers for the systems we sell.

To help us steer our hardware team in the right direction we have partnered with Lenovo to supply PC hardware to our users and customers and we are pleased to have an industry leader such as Lenovo to aid us in bringing you the best Linux desktop experience on the market.

Each category only has two systems.  One desktop and one notebook.  In the Pro series and Consumer series the desktop systems are All-in-one systems.  Less cables, space saving and performance systems.  In our Power Systems categories we have a tower system for maximum expansion options.  We will be adding a rackmount option to our Pro systems category because that has been a top seller among our customers.

To get a general idea of our products you can visit the different categories; Pro, Consumer and Power Systems here

Pro Desktops
Consumer Desktops
Power Systems

One of the concerns we have heard about is pricing.  Our pricing is very competitive among our competitors.  With our inclusion of a 4 year standard warranty, inclusion of battery backup and the luxury that we are producing the Operating System and environment makes Linspire Systems Inc. the leader in quality and service.

So lets go over our policies.


Payments are accepted through Check, Credit cards and PayPal.  If needed we will send invoices for accounting departments.


We have a return policy of 30 days for a full refund.  Anything after 30 days will be repair or replace ONLY.


All systems come with a 4 year full warranty by default.  All systems also ship with an APC battery backup unit.

Sales locations

For right now we only ship to the United States.  In July we will begin shipping to South America, Canada, England, Belgium and Germany.